Elegance Redefined: The Timeless Allure of Holland Cooper

From Norfolk Farmhouse to Kensington Palace: Discover the story of British luxury fashion brand Holland Cooper, and how founder Jade Holland Cooper's commitment to traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail has created a brand synonymous with British elegance and ageless style.

The year is 2008, and budding British fashion designer Jade Holland Cooper had a clear vision: to create luxury clothing and accessories that were both practical and timeless. Inspired by her time at The Royal Agricultural College, and fuelled by her love of all things pony (Jade originally went there to study international equine and agriculture management) Jade set out to carve a new path in British apparel excellence. True to her vision, almost fifteen years later, Holland Cooper has remained steadfast in its commitment to British design and manufacturing, with all of its collections crafted using the finest materials and traditional techniques the United Kingdom has to offer. Stepping into the Holland Cooper flagship store on a sunny London afternoon, the atmosphere is one of understated luxury fused with classic British heritage. The brand's signature style is evident in the rich, royal-esque colour palettes, striking lines and classic cuts of the collections on display. The attention to detail in every piece is unmistakable. Collections are crafted to be versatile yet effortlessly elegant, with a focus on creating garments that flatter the female form, with a range of sizes catering to women of all ages and as well as expertly trained in-store stylists on hand to advise you.

Undeniably, It is the use of quintessential British fabrics, such as tweed, wool, and cashmere, that truly set Holland Cooper apart. Garment materials are carefully selected and woven to create unique, high-quality fabrics that are exclusive to the brand. Jade provides enticing and captivating insights into her creative process through her Instagram stories (@jadehollandcooper) providing potential customers with unique BTS insights into what makes brand HC a cut above the rest. This dedication to traditional fabrics and techniques has given the collections a distinctive and timelessly British aesthetic.

One of the newly appointed Princess of Wales 'go-to' brands: Holland Cooper's timeless designs and traditional craftsmanship have earned the royal seal of approval in recent years.

Photo Courtesy of inthefrow.com

Holland Cooper typically divides collections into three main lines: City chic with a signature HC flare, elite equestrian wear, and heritage inspired style; all of which chiefly include clothing, and accessories for women, however the brand has recently branched out by launching ski wear and pet centred collections. Holland Cooper prides itself on being heavily influenced by traditional country clothing styles adored by the British elite, and boasts a particularly charming array of tweed jackets, woollen scarves, and cashmere jumpers that ooze quality and sophistication. The brand has well and truly established its presence at events like Cheltenham and Ascot; with creator Jade stepping out as a perfect embodiment of the brand, turning heads and winning hearts for HC each and every year. Over the years, Holland Cooper has grown to become a staple in the wardrobes of many fashion-conscious UK women, as well as gaining a following in Europe and beyond; having worked tirelessly to create a loyal following of customers who appreciate the brand's commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The brand is sold in a select number of luxury boutiques and department stores around the world, as well as through its own e-commerce website. In fitting with modern fast paced movement of the fashion world, while still embodying the luxury archetype of quality design, Holland Cooper now releases individual pieces steadily throughout the year, as opposed to the traditional format; seasonal collection drops.

This also facilitates for an ever engaged and present audience, with almost all pieces being promoted by Jade herself, through her social media channels. By adopting the influencer marketing strategy herself, Jade has successfully leveraged her already highly engaged target audience to personally promote her brand along with lifestyle content that mirror that of HC's target demographic: Affluent, British, Horsey, Country. Bravo to Jade, The Original Holland Cooper Girl.

Photograph courtesy of Drapersonline.com