LinGin Colours Coconut: A Tropical Symphony Unveiled

Craft Gin Review By Elizabeth Stirling - Taylor

Allow me to introduce you to a captivating creation from the Linlithgow Distillery, the LinGin Colours Coconut. In the realm of premium, small-batch gins, this particular gem beckons with a tropical allure that transcends the ordinary.

A Harmonious Blend of Flavours

From the very first encounter, LinGin Colours Coconut invites you on a sensory journey unlike any other. As you raise the glass to your nose, an unsurprising but utterly inviting aroma envelops your senses. It's the scent of coconut, but not the artificial, cloying version that plagues lesser products. No, here, it's reminiscent of freshly shaved coconut, akin to what one might find adorning a sumptuous coconut cream cake.

However, the true charm lies in the subtleties. A little closer inspection reveals the gentle whispers of woody and vanilla notes that intermingle with the coconut's sweet embrace. It's a promise of what's to come, a hint of the wonders hidden within this bottle.

With your first sip, the taste experience begins. Tropical, creamy, and delicately sweet notes dance on your palate. But this gin is no one-trick pony. It strikes a harmonious balance, where the mild sweetness and nutty undertones effortlessly mingle with the LinGin's sturdy foundation.

Juniper, a hallmark of gin, makes its presence felt, adding depth and character to the ensemble. Citrus notes burst forth, invigorating your taste buds with a refreshing zing, while floral hints weave a subtle, fragrant tapestry. The journey culminates in a finish that can only be described as silky smooth. It's a testament to the craft and care that goes into creating LinGin Colours Coconut.

black textile in close up photography
black textile in close up photography

This gin is a proud member of the LinGin Colours range, a bright and boldly bottled collection thats meticulously crafted to taste perfect with a standard tonic pairing over ice, or combine harmoniously as part of a scrumptiously exotic cocktail. The creative minds behind Linlithgow Distillery have taken their gin base, infused it with eight botanicals, including meadowsweet and orange peel, then added a dash of coconut essence resulting in a fresh yet creamy bodied craft spirit. The result is a gin that balances tropical notes with the familiarity of LinGin, offering a canvas for endless possibilities!

More than a Gin, a Blend of Possibilities

Perfect with Pineapple!

Creators Linlithgow Distillery recommend complimenting LinGin Coconut with juicy pineapple chunks for the most heavenly tropical taste sensation

'Distilled with meadowsweet and orange peel and infused with coconut to give your taste

buds that “on the beach” sensation!

Serve over ice with a standard tonic and garnish with lime or pineapple if you want some tropical sunshine'.

The Artistry of Linlithgow Distillery

Founded by the visionary duo, Ross and Alyson Jamieson, Linlithgow Distillery has a dedication to crafting quality gin that shines through in every sip. They source their botanicals locally from the southern Scottish town of Linlithgow, adding an authentic touch of Scotland to their creations.

All gins at Linlithgow Distillery are distilled using two stills, aptly named 'Gleann Iucha,' bearing the poetic name in Scots Gaelic for Linlithgow, and 'Scotty' after Science Fiction favourite Star Trek's Scottish chief of engineering, who's future birthplace is written to be in Linlithgow in the year 2222.

'A Certified Scottish Gin with a Green Heart'

In the tapestry of Linlithgow Distillery's history, Ross and Alyson's transition from the world of Information Technology to the realm of spirits remains a remarkable chapter. Their shared love for gin, kindled by life's twists and turns, birthed an audacious dream LinGin Colours Collection, which also includes Yuzu, Raspberry and Lime. The distillery's commitment to community is a wonderful testiment the brands vision and voice, with over a hundred locals helping to shape the flavors of LinGin. As Linlithgow Distillery continues to expand its reach across the UK, it's a testament to their vision, craftsmanship, and the enduring legacy they're building.

In conclusion, LinGin Colours Coconut from Linlithgow Distillery is more than just a gin; it's a sensory journey into the heart of the tropics. With its enchanting aroma, harmonious flavors, and the creative possibilities it offers, it's a testament to the artistry of the distillery and the allure of premium, small-batch gins. Savor the moment and let this tropical symphony transport you to sun-kissed shores and exotic destinations.

In 2021, LinGin Colours Coconut scooped the Gold Award at The Scottish Gin Awards, a testament to its heritage and quality. In its striking electric blue bottled glory, LinGin Colour's Coconut from is more than just coconut gin; it's an intensely tasty sensory journey into the heart of the tropics, compliments of the Scottish Lowlands. With its enchanting aroma, harmonious flavors, and the creative cocktails possibilities it offers, it's a testament to the artistry of the distillery and the allure of premium, small-batch gins. Savor the moment and let this tropical symphony transport you to sun-kissed shores and exotic destinations. The Full LinGin collection is available now at Master of Malt, Not on the Highstreet, or directly through their online store at Linlithgow Distrillery.